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A guide to Betel Leaves and find the right Betel Leaf Supplier

One of the plants that belong to the Piperaceae section of the plants is the Betel leaf. This family also includes Pepper and Kava in it. The betel leaves are heart shaped leaves with white catkin. It originated in South and in South East Asia. The betel leaves are generally consumed in Asia and other parts of the worlds where Asians live. It is consumed as the betel quid or as paan along with Areca nut or tobacco.

Betel leaf and its long-running tradition

In Sri Lanka and some of the Indian states, the betel leaf is used as a traditional statement of respect to people and also for new beginnings. The different occasions that use the betel leave as an offering would be greeting the elders, wedding ceremony gifts, New Year celebrations, payment for doctors or physicians or astrologers. This is used instead of money or fruits that are provided on top of the leaves as blessings or presents.

The betel leaves are generally consumed in “Paan.” These leaves are known for their medicinal properties and were used majorly by the Acharyas of Ayurveda. Now with the growing need of these plants and leaves people either have started growing them or they can also purchase them from different outlets. You can easily buy betel leaves online. They are available on different online shops like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Bigbasket, etc. They are sold in dozens and multiples of dozens. Now you cannot see the quality, but you can always check the reviews and then further purchase them from your desired outlets. The prices are moderate too.

Buying Betel leaves

If you are not keen on purchasing the leaves and prefer having a plant that would give you fresh leaves all the time, then you can also buy betel leaf plant too. The plants will get you fresh as ever leaves every day for the needs you have. You can easily find the plants from a nearby supplier or a nursery that sells betel leaf plants. You can also search for suppliers on Indian art and check which supplier is the nearest one for your convenience. You will have to contact them in order to get the plants either delivered to your place, or you can also collect them.

There are also instances when there is a sale of different plants and saplings. You can check out for those betel leaves for sale outlets and check if you like their products and then further purchase them. The sales generally occur during a specific period of the year, and thus you’ll have to keep track of them in order to get the best out of it.

Now, the last but very important point about these leaves, the suppliers in India. There are several Betel leaf suppliers in India that you can visit if you want to purchase either the leaves in a bunch or the plant itself. The suppliers sometimes also keep the seed which is indeed the easiest way to carry. Some of the suppliers of the leaves are Amritasya Enterprise Pvt. Ltd, The Indian Nursery, Haastika, Alipapa International Group, Sun Agency, etc. Now, these are some of the places from a single state; you can search state-wise on Indiamart in order to get the best results for the nearest place.

This is all the major information that you need to know when you are thinking of buying a betel leaf plant or a bunch of leaves for your needs. A number of leaves you want get differ from one place to another and also the prices. If you are taking from a local dealer, it will be a lot lesser than when you are purchasing it from a dealer away from your place.