How to Increase Soil Fertility Naturally

From ancient times, Earthworm is the best friend of farmers. They help balance the eco-system. But in modern times, the farmers are started using chemical fertilizers on their farms to get early harvesting of crops and earn more money. Maybe knowingly or unknowingly they are destroying the natural ecosystems and farmland. Due to the huge application of chemical fertilizers in farmland, causes killing of natural micro bacteria’s, earthworms and many more helpful insects. Farmland is becoming unfertile and needed more chemical fertilizers to grow crops. It’s not only pain for the farmers but also the pain for the society to intake chemical foods. Due to consumption of this chemically grown food, it causes the diseases like Cancer. It’s now time to back to basics.

As we know Earthworm is always helpful to farmers to produce highly nutritious compost which helps plants grow naturally without taking any chemical fertilizers. We will discuss, how Earthworm produces highly nutritious compost, called Vermi Compost.

There are many different ways, once can produce VermiCompost. But we will discuss three main approaches for producing Vermi Compost.