How to Prepare Jeevamrut Organic Fertiliser and It’s Application

I capture this video while I was undergoing the Training Program at Bangalore, India called “Organic Farming Adaptability and Best Practices”. It was organized by ICCOA India. It was an awesome experience.

The farm tour was part of this program, ICCOA Team took us to an organic farm, it was around 40 kilometer from Bangalore, India. Mr H R Jayaram, who is owner of this farm, is a professional lawyer and now he is promoting organic farming. he builds his farm in such way that it looks like a naturally built jungle. What I felt that he just build the ecosystem in his farm land. He also owns an Organic Restaurant near Matri Mall, Malleswaram, Bangalore called “The Greenpath”. Where only organic food is severed. During my three days training, I just enjoyed the food. I feeling was awesome, cannot be expressed. I would definitely recommend tasting the food at The Green Path.

Mr H R Jayaram

During the farm visit, I captured this video to show people, How to Prepare Jeevamrut Organic Fertilizer and it’s utilization. This will definitely help for those who are practicing organic farming.

Make a note of the preparation details and apply it in your farm. Many people are taking benefits out of it, why not you